Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here are the bath time pictures from yesterday!!

Today was pretty uneventful! I get a daily call from the resident with an update on the babies, and today she reported that she feels like a broken record b/c she says the same thing every day...but i'll take it! They're all growing, they're all improving with their bottles, they're all peeing/pooing, and they're all doing great!!! Zach is our champion bottle taker...he was up to 40% of his feeds yesterday!! They say that's how it usually works out for the little guy! (and don't worry about the wet spot on his spilled the contents of the alcohol swab on the outside of his diaper after she changed him, so we didn't bother to go for outfit #3!!)

When i got there today and was changing them before their 3 o'clock feed, i noticed Colby didn't have his cord anymore!! Yay! he has such a cute little tummy!!
Aunt Linda came to visit the babies this afternoon, and we all (me, mom and linda) decided we would be the perfect people to get paid to rock babies for a living...too bad they don't pay for that job! They do have a few ladies that volunteer as "cuddlers" who come a few times a week to rock the babies and give them some extra lovin!
Since the babies are doing so well, mom and i took advantage of the time for a photo we piled the babies on!!

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