Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Josh is in trouble...and my kids are GENIUSES!!!!

So Josh set up the blog and was all about it for the first week...but now he's failing us! I was on blog duty thurs-sat nights since he was at work, so that left sun-tues nights for him.....and we've yet to hear from him.

Anyways... :) ....yesterday we spent a nice and relaxing evening with the babies. I like to stay until 7 so i can see who their night nurse is going to be, and as we were getting ready to leave, Josh's parents walked in! I was excited to be there while they were there b/c the other times they were visiting the babies, i was stuck in the hospital room! They got to hold the kiddos for the first time too tonight!!

We also got to be there for their 9:00 routine....which includes vitals, weights and diaper/clothing changes. This is what my little squirmy nakey babies (Avery and Colby) looked like! SO CUTE! They all continue to gain weight...and little Zachy has almost caught up to Avery in weight!! (Colby's still the big guy!)

Here's another cute one of Zach checkin out his brother!

And here's Colby looking like he wants to suck his thumb...but the paci got in the way!

Now on to my GENIUSES!!! They have been working with their bottles a few times a day...typically when they're most awake and seem like they might be interested (sucking their pacifiers, rooting etc.). They've all taken part of their bottles, but last night THEY ALL 3 TOOK THEIR WHOLE BOTTLE at their midnight feeding!!!!! I told nurse Amy she was hired and not allowed to leave b/c apparently she had the magic touch...but here we are at 33weeks 4days drinking an entire bottle! (when typically they dont' even start trying at bottle with the babies until 34 weeks!!!) Such smart little babies!!!

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  1. Kara, Thank you so much for the updates. I check every day to see if any new info is listed. Love the photos also. They look so precious. Hope things continue to progress rapidly. Love Cheryl