Saturday, April 11, 2009

End of the first day

<- Mommy, Daddy and Colby =)
WOW, what a day. Kara got to meet and hold the babies for the first time. It was a great sight to see. She is a natural, we all knew that she would be but it was great to see. I know it concerned some people (Shel) when I said she was getting checked for a blood clot. She doesn't have any clots and they also did an echo cardiogram on her heart and she is good. Her blood levels are starting to bounce back to normal and it is getting easier for her to breathe. They have turned the oxygen level down and she is almost off the nasal tube. The drs said that they think it was an end of pregnancy thing that will fix itself. So they're still keeping a close eye on her, but aren't treating anything further at this point. Back to the babies....they took Colby off his oxygen around 6pm tonight (since he was sucking on the tube instead of leaving it up his nose) so he and Avery are breathing room air. Zach is still hooked up to oxygen (just like his mommy) but it is forced room air, not upgraded oxygen. All of the babies are doing very well. The timetable (not set in stone by any means) for the babies to come home is 2 to 4 weeks. It isn't because they are struggling at all, it is because they have to learn to eat and digest on their own and maintain their body temperatures. Oh ya, that reminds me, another positive note, the nurses were very excited because each baby had a bowel movement today. I never thought I would see people more excited over poo but it means all of the necessary internal systems are working properly. I will check back in tomorrow. It has been a long couple of days but I wouldn't trade them for anything!

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