Sunday, April 19, 2009

Colby was successful today!!!

Phew! I'm so glad to report that Colby took his bottle today!!! 10 mls!! And was fed by Mommy!!! No hard feelings anymore!!
Also, Avery took another 6mls. this afternoon from Daddy....and Zach took the bottle again from mommy...14mls!!

Now we just need a little more down each time....combined with all of them remembering to breathe and swallow in the process!! Once they take the whole bottle consistently for a few days, the feeding tubes will come out...and 48hours later (pending no problems) they will come home!! YAY!!!

We had lots of visitors today....Great Aunt Kathy and MarcyAuntie Kim and Brian They drove down from BG....and despite Brian's best efforts to take a baby (Avery) with him, there are still 3 sleeping beauties in their crib! ;)

And of course Mamaw came to see her grandbabies and brought Great Uncle Brad to meet them too!

It was a long day at the hospital for Mommy (and the babies!!)...but we finally got a picture of our whole family once daddy go there. Something we will cherish forever!

Oh more priceless picture from today....

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