Monday, April 13, 2009

Lazy days

<-Mommy's first kangaroo time with Colby

Yesterday was a lazy Easter Sunday. It was by far the best Easter of our lives. Kara's mom and brother were here for a majority of the day and we got two visits from my parents who brought my grandma down. I stayed away from the computer so there were no new updates. Kara is up and moving around much better. Kara got to visit with the babies in the early afternoon but wasn't felling that well so it was a short trip. The staff had made the decision to take her off oxygen. That only lasted a few hours before she had to get hooked up again. Then we got a new nurse who we both agree was a godsend. Her name was Jeanie. Jeanie was hard nosed but compassionate at the same time. She lectured Kara on how she HAD to get up and move around in order to heal. She told Kara that she would be here to assist but it would be up to Kara to get herself out of bed and into the bathroom. She regulated Kara's pain medication which for some reason hadn't been done before and stressed the importance of baby visits. She pretty much ordered Kara to the NICU. Once we got there for an evening visit you could see Kara's spirit lift and she looked healthier. She started with holding Colby skin to skin (Kangaroo care). I did the same with Avery. After 45 minutes or so, she switched to Zachary and stayed with him another 45 minutes or so. It was as if all the pain and all her worries drifted away. She made the comment that it was the best medicine she has ever had. It was a special time. We then got the most rest/ sleep that we have had since Thursday. There were no doctor's in and out and Jeanie stayed out as much as possible. I am feeling refreshed and I just asked Kara if she was feeling the same. She said she wasn't as refreshed but she looks better. After lunch we are going to head back to the NICU for another visit. There is still no time table on when Kara gets to go home as she is still hooked up to oxygen. I don't think she is in any rush to be released because our room at the hospital is much closer to the babies then our house is. It takes us all of 2 minutes to get to them now as opposed to 45 minutes if we came from the house. I will let you know when something changes.
<-Mommy's 1st Kangaroo time with Zachary


  1. Avery, Colby, and Zachary are so lucky to have such wonderful parents.

  2. Josh and Kara, What a beautiful family you have made. I want to let you know how much I appreciate the updates when you get time to do them. Hope everyone continues to get stronger and healthier every day. Love to all, Cheryl

  3. Thank you for sharing your special moments with us! The babies are BEAUTIFUL! Hope Mommy gets up and at em soon : )