Wednesday, April 22, 2009

malaria of the butt???

Sorry to everyone who didn't have an update to read with breakfast!! Once again, josh sat next to the computer while i slept last night, but he didn't pick it up to write anything. So here i go again....and for the rest of the week because he's back to work tonight.

Especially in the last few months of my pregnancy, while i laid on the couch for 2 1/2 months, Josh has really stepped up to the plate. He has worked relentlessly through my "honey do" lists, was the one who put the nursery together, and did an awesome job taking care of me. He was in a routine of getting home from work, "bussing" the ledge above the couch where i put all my dirty dishes, running the dishwasher (even limiting the amount of bowls i was allowed to use, b/c the top shelf of the dishwasher would get full and "if you put bowls on the bottom the things on top wouldn't get clean"), doing our laundry etc. While i wish that kind of pampering could go on forever...he's now switched into "daddy mode". From the second the babies were born, he was totally sold. He was down in the NICU at every opportunity he got (even when he would rather be sleeping and i woke him up to deliver a tiny syringe full of "mommy juice" to the NICU, he didn't complain too loudly). He's never changed a diaper before...and he was the one reaching his hands into the isolettes-changing diapers, cleaning cords, changing clothes, and tucking them all back in to their swaddles and positioners....he's been awesome. There have been moments though, that i wish i had a video camera to record all of his responses and reactions to the newness of everything. For example, poor Princess has a little diaper rash. (Truly i'm suprised they all don't have one, b/c they poop non stop!!). They have balmex cream to put on it...which josh hasn't ever used before. Well, Josh was on diaper duty, and he changed Avery and i asked how the rash looked. He said it wasn't little pimples like it was the day it was more like "malaria of the butt". I think that says it all.

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  1. Only Josh would know what Malaria really looks like...