Tuesday, April 28, 2009

getting their man cards

My poor baby boys! Good news and bad news all at once-they got circ'ed today. Good news b/c that's one of the things they do within a few days of them coming home. Bad news b/c it had to hurt them. =( Mom and i stepped out and let the dr. do his thing, and the nurse gave us the report when we got back-Colby was the loudest, Avery was the second loudest (the reason behind her tears is questionable...we're wondering if it was b/c her brothers were getting hurt, or b/c they were getting more attention than she was), and Zach "took it like a man". I stayed late to give them extra cuddle time and to make me feel a little better, they didn't seem too upset by it. When i called for my 4am checkin, the nurse said the boys had taken 3 whole bottles in a row!! (Of course it's the nurse with the magic touch to get them to drink the whole thing, but we'll take it!!!) We still don't have a projected coming home date, but it's definitely getting closer!

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