Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our New Tax Deductions

Zachary Kevin in his first outfit
Colby Alexander in his first outfit

Avery Grace in her first outfit
Happy tax day! Kara got to come home today!! We are stting on the couch trying to relax and unwind from a crazy couple of days. We just got off the phone with Holly, the babies NICU nurse for the night. She reported that all of the babies are doing great and fast asleep. Today was exciting. All three babies go to put on sleepers for the first time. They looked so cute all dressed up! It covered up the leads used to monitor the heart rates so they looked like they were ready to come home (except for their little feeding tube lines). I know they really aren't but they are making great strides everyday. They are all maxed out on the food intake. The next step is to put a protien fortifyer in the milk to add calories and pack on the weight. Since they were tolerating the max feeds, all of the IV lines have come out. The temperatures inside the cribs is coming down and the nurses have told us the lids will be coming off either tomorrow or Friday. I can't believe how fast everything is going. No oxygen, no IV lines, no tanning lamps, and pretty soon no heated cribs. The last line they are hooked up to is the nasal line that is feeding them. In the pictures you can see Zach's line was in his mouth. When we talked to the nurse, she said that he had pulled it out himself (not painful) so it was reinserted in his nose just like Avery and Colby's. The ugly piece of white tape on his upper lip is gone also. They all look so happy! We will be visiting them tomorrow before I go back to work.
This was not an easy day. It's not the typical homecoming that typically comes with having a baby. But knowing they are in good hands and well taken care of is reassuring. It's hard being home, not pregnant, with no kids, but we are going to try to enjoy our last few days of quiet-ness before we don't have that anymore!!

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