Saturday, April 11, 2009

The day after

The babies are doing doing very well in the NICU. The babies were given only fluids to keep hydrated so they could do a 24 hour blood test to check glucose levels. The tests came back and all babies passed with flying colors. They start their first feeding around noon today. Avery is our little pack leader. She has not required any oxygen and is very content all wrapped in her snoogle. I visited them about 945 this morning. I found that Colby has a strong set of lungs on him. He was wailing away. After being on a C-Pap (forced air) for about 4 hours yesterday both him and Zach were able to get enough oxygen on their own. Kara still has not gotten to see them. She is in for a Cat scan right now checking for blood clots. It is just precautionary. The plan is to get her down there about 1230 so she can visit. I just got home from the hospital. I was sent home to shower and change since I have been wearing the same clothes since Thursday about 1000 am. I will post some pictures of Kara and the babies later today.


  1. I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Why did the babies come so early? Can't wait to see the pictures of everyone. What precious gifts from God, enjoy them!

    Kim Stelzer-Brunamonti (Jessica's friend)

  2. Kim, the Kara actually carried the babies longer than most triplets carry. They explained it to us as, a single pregnancy is recognized as full term at 38 weeks but commonly carries to 40 weeks. For each additional baby you subtract 3 weeks from full term. So with 2 additional babies you would subtract 6 from 38 and you have 32 weeks. Kara delivered at 32 weeks exactly on Friday. They are above average weight for trips also.