Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting it up and running

So today was one of the craziest days if not THE craziest day of our lives. It was a day that will never be forgotten. As most of you reading this already know, our babies were born today. Avery Grace, Colby Alexander, and Zachary Kevin came roaring into our lives a little early and unexpected. It turned out to be a great day. Everyone, including Kara is healthy and we are looking forward to getting everyone home. There is no date set or estimated as to when we are going to get to take them home. All I know is that they are doing far better than expected at this point, breathing on their own and ready to grow and prosper. Enough about today, my reason for writing was to tell everyone about our new line of attack. While writing our baby updates both Kara and I enjoyed the responses and interaction we had with everyone. We really enjoy sharing our lives with everyone that receives the updates because we care about all of you. We also enjoy the encouragement, feedback, and advice that we get in return. The only thing is, we are going to get real busy in a hurry in the upcoming weeks. I don't know if we will have the time to write the structured emails that we did during pregnancy. We will try to use this blog to keep everyone up to date on what is new in our lives and all of you can check it at your leisure. I am still learning how to use the site and I am trying to get some pictures posted as well. Anyways, if you are interested, feel free to drop by anytime and find out what is going on in Our New Life.

p.s. some people did not get added to the email list until late into the pregnancy and have not gotten all of the updates I have sent out in the past. Witter has come up with the idea of posting all previous updates that I had emailed on the blog. It not only gets people up to date but it will also fill some content space and get this page up and running. I will use some down time tomorrow to get things posted!

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