Saturday, April 18, 2009

we tried bottles today!!!

The babies are doing great! They have officially been labeled "feeders and growers" now....which means that there are no obstacles to overcome at this point...they just need to master how to eat....and then they can come home!! So to get them going, we tried bottles for the first time today!!!!! It was Adorable! 2 out of 3 babies were semi-successful with the bottles...and they all 3 burped!! Both Avery and Zach drank out of the bottle 7mls. of their dinner!! (which was just under 1/4 of their bottle) Avery was our "demo baby", so the nurse fed her and showed us how to do it (not quite the same way you'd feed a "term baby"). She was wide awake and seemed to get the hang of it...but then just got too tired and went to sleep.Then Josh tried Zach. He also had some success. Then the poor little guy got the hiccups and didn't want anything to do with the bottle anymore. And then there was Colby....while he's the big guy, he's also the lazy guy who likes his food put straight in his belly for him. Of course that was who mommy was trying to feed...stinker!! I was hysterical through the process so that didn't do much to help him i'm sure. He was making the cutest, funniest faces and really wanted nothing to do with the bottle in his mouth. His little tongue would flick it straight out! Finally we called it quits when he dropped his heartrate (and made the monitors beep), and decided we'd just have to try again tomorrow. Who knows when or how long it will take them to get the hang of it...the NICU resident dr. talked to me tonight and said that a lot of times it happens all of a sudden and they just decide that they're ready to eat! As smart as our kids are though..i'm sure it won't be long! :)
They also got a visit from their Aunt Jamie and Auntie Shel!! Everyone agrees they are the cutest things ever!!!

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