Thursday, April 23, 2009

We have a 4 pound baby!!! And had lots of fun giving baths today!

So this has to be short and sweet b/c i'm already late getting in the shower (the story of my life)...and mom will be here soon to pick me up to go to the hospital.

Last night when i called to check on the babies and get their new weights....i found out we have a 4lb baby!! The new weights are: Avery-3lbs. 12.4oz, Colby- 4 POUNDS 1 OUNCE!!!, and Zachary-3lbs. 11.2oz. They are getting so big!!! And eating so well...and are really cute! ;)

Josh and i also got to give them baths yesterday! I gave Avery her bath while josh took pics, then he gave Colby his bath while i took pics, then Josh had to go to work, so I gave Zach his bath, but don't have any pics to show for it! poor little guy. i promise i won't always make him go last!!

More to come later!!! Check back tonight!!

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  1. Thanks so much for the updates and pictures. Do you know about when they'll be coming home? The babies are adorable, and you two look happy! G. Aunt Kathy