Sunday, April 26, 2009

A long time coming

<--Avery gets a little payback kicking Colby around

I know it has been 3 days since Kara or I posted an update on the blog. Strangely enough, it was 3 days since I had seen the babies. It was the worst feeling, knowing how much I wanted to go see them but not being able to. This week was a long week at work so it didn't afford the opportunity to get to the hospital. Today, Kara and I got to spend the majority of the day with the kiddos. There really aren't things changing at a rapid pace. All of the babies are doing great. We now have 4 pound babies with no umbilical cords. That's right, all of the cords have fallen out! They are all feeding more regularly but still are not up to the level that they need to come home. Avery and Zach are bottle feeding about every other or every third feeding and Colby is every 3rd to 4th feeding. Colby has turned out to be our little lazy boy. He figured since he came out the biggest, he could relax and let his brother and sister catch up. Uncle Alex and Hallie (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) came to visit today. They are in town for a few days so they are going to get to visit a couple times. Kara's Uncle Brad also came for a visit. We had a great system going for feeding time. One person held a baby while the other held the feeding tube. Wish it was goind to be that easy when we bring them home!

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