Thursday, April 16, 2009

not so nicu-ish anymore!!

After a call to the nurse to check on the babies last night, Josh and I were reassured that the babies were doing great (even though we weren't there to see for ourselves) and we finally got a good nights sleep....which was MUCH needed. We woke up with a phone call from the resident giving us the update-again all good news. She said that the babies all like to keep up with each other...what one does, they all do. She was anticipating that they would all be in an open air crib by the end of the day, maxed out on their food, and they all had their bili levels checked for the last time (unless they start looking yellow). We went to see them about 2 this afternoon and walked in to 2 out of the 3 babies in the open air crib (Avery and Zach)...and then within the next 45 minutes, Colby got his temperature checked and joined them! They all had thier pulse-ox monitors taken off (one less wire!!) and are down to a few leads that monitor their heartrates and their feeding tubes! THAT'S ALL! They don't look so NICU-ish anymore, and mommy and daddy couldn't be happier!! The nurse also said that since they were taking their pacifiers so well when they were getting fed (putting 2 and 2 together that sucking=full belly) that they would probably try a bottle next week!! (which is ahead of the typical timeline for their kids are geniuses!!) Daddy very reluctantly had to leave for work...but before he left, here's the pic we took....

can you tell i'm a happy mama?? I spent the rest of the afternoon/early evening with them, and found out that at this point, i'm producing enough "mommy juice" that they were only going to have that through the night b/c i had so much stocked up for them!! Talk about motivation to wake up every 3 hours!

Oh yeah! We can't forget the big brother!! Cooper came home from grandma and grandpa's house last night and was VERY excited to see us. We put a blanket in each of the baby's isolettes with them and got their scent on it. After saying hi with lots of kisses for mommy and daddy, he finally settled down and took a nap. At first, he didn't care about the blankets, but before we knew it....

he was all snuggled up. He definitely knows something is up. While his mommy is still a little slow getting around...he fits on her lap again!!! He thinks "the big belly is gone...but where are the babies she keeps telling me about??" He can finally relax everytime i come home after all the uncertainty and confusion of last week...little does he know what's going to happen when i come home with 3 babies in the next few weeks!!!
Well...the pain meds are kicking in, and before i start blabbing about who knows what, one more pump, then off to bed for a few hours!! i'm ready to feel better, but know that as much as i want to spend every waking minute with the babies (or bragging about my sweet babies), a little rest while i can is the best thing i can to do help the recovery along!! GOOD NIGHT!!!
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